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SD Industries - CNC Milled Components and Parts

SD Industries supplies precision CNC Milled Components to various industry.  We have our manufacturing set-up in Mumbai, Maharashtra India, our infrastructure that consist of machinery from renowned manufacturers like DMG and Hardinge.

We have machine with Siemens 810D control capable of high speed and feed machining.

We have over 17 years of experience in CNC Machining of components and parts for various industries.

Our CNC milled components and parts passed through various in process inspection procedures to ensure you get 100% defect free components every time. We have integrated our factory with ERP to maintain best delivery rates at lowest cost to our customers.

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Precision CNC Milled Parts
Valve Body

CNC Milled Components Mumbai India


This component is milled fom Solid bar stock and has very high surface finish and dimensional tolerances

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Precision CNC Milled Components
Gear Box

CNC Milled component manufacturer

Extremely critical component for defense component has high dimensional accuracy requirement

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CNC Milled Parts
Mould Insert for Plastic Chair

CNC Milled part manufacturer india


Insert for plastic chair mould havind 3D profile in extremely mesh pattern completed on our high speed machining center

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